Is Cheney Taking Cheap Shots in His New Memoir?

Dick Cheney's memoir 'In My Time' attacks many former colleagues.

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney's memoir In My Time hit book stores Tuesday and while on the publicity tour he promised that it would cause "heads exploding all over Washington." In the book, he stands by the controversial waterboarding interrogation technique, reveals that he had a letter of resignation sitting in his desk drawer in case his health failed him , and recalls the details of his personal experience of 9-11. However, what is exploding most heads is the attacks he launches at other Republicans. [See a photo gallery of Bush’s legacy.]

Cheney claims Arizona Sen. John McCain once angrily stormed out of the room during a discussion of interrogation techniques and the vice president mocks McCain for interrupting his 2008 presidential campaign to return to Washington to address the financial crisis. Cheney calls Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice "naïve" for her attempts to negotiate with North Korea and recounts a time when welled up with tears in his office over the Nigerian uranium scandal. Cheney insinuates that he was behind Rice predecessor Colin Powell's 2004  resignation, saying it was "for the best" even though Powell claims that he always planned to serve as Secretary of State for only one term.

Jamie Stiehm calls Cheney a "sore winner" and his memoir "the saddest story in our time." Susan Milligan agrees, describing In My Time to be "so unapologetic as to be a caricature." Even Colin Powell has come out against the memoir, saying it takes many "cheap shots" and that Cheney "overshot the runway."

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