Will you see "Undefeated," the documentary about Sarah Palin?

Filmmakers announced national rollout plan for the Palin documentary.

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After its June 28 premiere in Iowa, the Sarah Palin documentary Undefeated opened in 10 theaters across the country July 15. On July 22, the movie expanded to five new cities. However, despite the 40 percent increase in showings last Friday, revenue declined 63 percent from the film's opening weekend as it raked only $24,000. Nevertheless, the film's distributor, ARC Entertainment, announced that it would release the documentary on pay-per-view September 1, and that it will come out in DVD October 4. Walmart will sell a special edition of the DVD that includes extra content. The distributor said the theatrical showing of the documentary will continue through August and September until the release of the DVD. Those who cannot wait until October to own a copy of the documentary can obtain one now by donating $100 to Sarah Palin's Political Action Committee, SarahPAC.

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The documentary is divided into three acts: the first looking at Palin's beginnings in Wasilla, Alaska; the second, her gubernatorial career (which ended with her 2009 resignation); and the third, her 2008 vice presidential campaign as John McCain's running mate. It features narration from political commentators and conservative activists, and has been embraced by Tea Party followers in the initial cities it was release. Though the filmmakers spent nearly nothing on traditional advertising, Undefeated has received a lot of media attention as many speculate about whether Palin will run for president next year.

Now that the film's distributor has announced the national roll out plan for the movie, do you plan to see Undefeated?

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