Anthony Weiner Resigns--Is His Political Career Over?

New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner is set to resign after sexting scandal.


The great sexting saga of 2011 is finally coming to an end. According to various reports, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is scheduled to resign his seat in Congress today at 2:00pm.

The drama started when the Democrat accidentally tweeted the infamous “bulging boxer briefs” photo to a young woman in Seattle, rather than sending it as a direct message. After first denying and then admitting wrongdoing, Weiner tried to hang onto his congressional seat as more sordid details of additional online relationships leaked out. He reportedly entered an unnamed psychological treatment center and took a leave of absence, but now that his wife, close Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, has returned from a work trip, the embattled Weiner is finally prepared to put the nail in the coffin of his political career—at least for now. [Read Whispers: Weiner's Sassy Twitter Pals.]

But the buzz on cable news has already started: Will Weiner run again, and could he win? New York voters are forgiving, they say. “Weiner's worst public sin is the lies he told. For those, he should do penance and seek the forgiveness of his constituents,” Slate’s Josh Chafetz wrote before the news of Weiner’s impending resignation broke. “And if his constituents do re-elect him, it will be because they've decided, with all of the facts on the table, that he is worthy of their trust. It will be a moment of political redemption, a vote of confidence in him from his real bosses, the people of his district.” [Read: Little Evidence Weiner Broke Law in Twitter Photo Scandal.]

But others think if he runs again for any political office, whether Congress or mayor, the scandal headlines (with the requisite Weiner/wiener puns) will pop right back up to steal the spotlight. And if he wants to rejoin Congress, his fellow Democrats may not accept him back into the fold, since he lied directly to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other colleagues, who were quick to wash their hands of him once he came clean.

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