Anti Voter Fraud Reforms Are Practical, Not Partisan

Reince Priebus: Democrats' record on voter fraud makes complaints invalid.

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A simple law requiring one to present a valid photo ID to vote … too high? Given the dubious electoral record of some of these opponents, one might reasonably conclude that there are—to say the least—ulterior motives at play here. [Check out a roundup of this month's best political cartoons.

Fortunately, an overwhelming majority of Americans do not share this inane belief held by a minority of Democratic political operatives. Most Americans believe it is fair, reasonable, and just to require the presentation of a simple and legitimate photo ID card prior to entering the voting booth.

Count me among that majority of Americans who hold that belief.

At the end of the day, this common-sense reform is not partisan but practical. It would instill a simple means by which to further promote and preserve the integrity of our electoral system and the democratic foundation upon which this country was founded.

And the act of doing so should not be demeaned or relegated to a Republican or Democratic issue; it should be a priority embraced by all Americans.

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