Will Glenn Beck’s Israel Rally Hurt U.S. Foreign Policy?

Rachel Maddow says it's a bad idea in light of the delicate political situation in the Middle East.

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Glenn Beck is hosting a rally again this year—this time to “stand with the Jewish people” in Israel, something he says many others have failed to do. While his “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C., last August turned out to be more religious than political in content, Beck’s Monday announcement of the “Restoring Courage” rally in Jerusalem, scheduled for this August, seems to aim to mix the two. Beck warned of an ominous future in the Middle East. “The things that I’ve told you are coming will come. It’s only a matter of time,” he said, referring to Islamic forces who he said would attack the “center of our faith,” Jerusalem. “And it won’t be with bullets or bombs. It will be with a two-state solution that cuts off Jerusalem, the old city, from the rest of the world.” [See photos of Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally.]

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was not thrilled by this announcement, particularly in light of the on-again-off-again peace talks in the region. “Whatever your own politics are on Israel and the Palestinians, everyone can agree that this particular moment in the Middle East is even more delicate than usual,” she said on her show. “In terms of America not helping matters in the Middle East, what could be worse than Fox News exporting its end-of-the-world conspiracy theorist who sees communists and George Soros as a Jewish puppet master in everything? What American export could be less helpful to the Middle East than that?”

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