Are You Sick of Hearing About the Royal Wedding?

U.K. will get a new royal next week when Kate Middleton marries Prince William.

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Our friends across the pond will get a new royal next week as “commoner” Kate Middleton walks down the legendary aisle of Westminster Abbey to wed Prince William. Kitschy keepsakes have gotten wacky—there is even a Will and Kate refrigerator with a nearly life-sized engagement photo of the royal pair on the doors (yes, seriously). And media outlets are abuzz with rumors, speculation, and preparation for next Friday’s coverage: Will she be like Diana? Will she live a normal life? Is her weight loss an eating disorder, stress, or just a crash wedding diet? Who will design The Dress?

TV reporters with the title “royal wedding correspondent” or “royal expert” give stand-ups in front of Buckingham Palace, and Lifetime even produced a movie to tell the love story of the prince and princess-to-be. Is the coverage a fun and romantic distraction from economic and national debt worries at home, or is it all a bit voyeuristic and much ado about (almost) nothing?

U.S. News blogger Susan Milligan is frustrated with the tone of some coverage, citing a poll that asked British women if they envy Prince William’s fiancée. Eighty-six percent said no. “The fact that someone spent the time and money to conduct such a ludicrous survey is startling and deeply insulting,” she writes. “Has anyone done a poll on whether British men are envious of Prince William for getting engaged to the educated, lovely, and elegant Kate Middleton?”

But it seems there is a U.S. market for royal mania. A CBS News/ New York Times poll shows 28 percent of Americans are very or somewhat wrapped up in news about the wedding, and 30 percent say they are following it casually. That’s nearly 60 percent of Americans who are paying attention.

What do you think? Are you sick of hearing about Kate Middleton and Prince William? Take the poll and post your thoughts below.

--Mallie Jane Kim

This poll is now closed, but the debate continues in the comments section.

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