Empowering Teachers to Find America's New Sputnik Moment

Wendy Kopp discuses A Chance to Make History.


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What would you like to see out of Washington this year?

Given the fundamental role that Teach For America is playing in marshaling the energy of our future leaders against the problems of education or against the injustice of educational inequity, I hope the federal government will decide to fund Teach For America's growth.

What surprised you most in your research?

We have made so much progress and learned so much and still have yet to close the achievement gap in an aggregate sense, and yet the snowball is moving down the hill. And I have no doubt that if we act on all that's been learned, we absolutely can accomplish something truly unprecedented in our nation's history, which is to truly build an education system that enables us to live up to the promise of our country—the promise that we will be a land of opportunity.

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