Collective Bargaining Rights for Public Sector Unions?

Union advocates see a political assault; critics say reform is necessary for fiscal health.

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Protests have erupted in Madison, Wis., and other state capitals over whether public sector unions should keep collective bargaining rights. Union advocates see a political assault; critics say proposals like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s are necessary for fiscal health.
Edited by Robert Schlesinger


David Madland
Director of the American Worker Project, Center for American Progress Action Fund

The reason we are currently having a debate over the rights of public sector workers and their unions is because conservatives across the country are trying to leverage the budget problems that many states currently face to attack a political opponent and further weaken unions...



Andrew Biggs
American Enterprise Institute scholar, on the National Economic Council staff under George W. Bush

The demonstrations in Wisconsin against Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to reduce public employee compensation to President Obama’s own two-year pay freeze on federal workers, the power of public sector employee unions has become a new center of debate. But whether we should limit public...


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