Did The Super Bowl Ads Impress You?

Many party-goers were paying attention to something other than turnover touchdowns.

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Football fans tuned in to a nail-biter last night between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers—but many party-goers were paying attention to something other than turnover touchdowns: Super Bowl ads. Companies pay a premium for the chance to reach about 100 million viewers each year during the famous football game, and viewers hope the spots live up to legendary ads like Budweiser's “wassssuup” and "Bud-weis-er" frog commercials, or Apple’s 1984 introduction of the new Mac computer, all of which instantly became part of the American psyche.

Were this year's ads enough to impress party-goers? Commercials ran the gamut from the adorable Darth Vader child to the creepy guy licking other people’s Doritos-cheese-laced fingers, from a Glee Chevy promo to beaver “carma.” Some criticized the popular company Groupon for trying to increase coupon sales by capitalizing on Tibet’s struggles, and others giggled at the E-Trade baby’s latest capers. Coca-Cola created one of the more grand-scale commercials, an epic siege battle complete with a dragon who breathes fireworks instead of fire after drinking an ice-cold Coke.

What do you think? How were this year’s Super Bowl ads? Take our poll and post your thoughts about the best and worst commercials below. [You can see all the commercials here.]

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