Does the Internet Need 'Do Not Track' Rules?

A new FTC proposal allows consumers to opt out of having their online habits monitored.

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With Internet privacy increasingly a concern, the Federal Trade Commission has proposed "Do Not Track" rules that would allow consumers to opt out of having their online habits monitored. Critics contend the proposal would cripple the online experience.
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Jon Leibowitz
Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission since 2009 and a member since 2004

Let's say I stop at the mall to pick up a new jacket. As I browse through the stores, I am followed by a man with a walkie-talkie, reporting on every item I look at and passing that information to the other stores in the mall. By the time I reach the third floor, out of a store pops a salesperson, holding exactly the madras...



Michael Zaneis
Senior vice president and general counsel of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an industry association

Check the weather, peruse the latest sports scores, find out if that sweater you fell in love with has finally gone on sale. Chances are you've done at least one of these things today online and none of it would be possible without digital advertising. The Internet has quickly transformed our daily activities...


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