Is TSA Going Too Far With Air Security Measures?

New airport security measures sparked a debate between privacy and security.


As the holiday travel season unfolded, a new regime of air security measures—including full-body scanners and intrusive pat-downs—drew howls of protest from some who worry they are excessive. Advocates argue that they are necessary to ensure safety.
Edited by Robert Schlesinger


Jena Baker McNeill
Homeland security policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with full-body scanners. In fact, the more we innovate and introduce new security technologies, the more we can stay one step ahead of terrorists.But there are major problems with the way the Department of Homeland Security, through the Transportation Security Administration...


Jeff Sural
Former official with the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security

The Transportation Security Administration's new airport screening procedures—body scanning machines and enhanced pat-downs—are justified in the context of our unfortunate reality. The reality is, bluntly, that bad people persist in trying to kill Americans en masse and in a way that captures...


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