Should Airline Passengers Boycott Full Body Scans?

Should airline passengers boycott the TSA's new full body screenings?


The day before Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest days of the year for airlines and airports, and involves long lines and antsy passengers. But the travel day has become more complicated thanks to the Transportation Safety Administration’s new full body scan security procedures and subsequent protests. TSA chief John Pistole told “Good Morning America” this morning that his administration is prepared for the National Opt-Out Day, an online campaign urging passengers to forgo the full body screening and be given a pat-down instead. But Pistole is also warning that such boycotts will lead to longer lines at the airport security checkpoints and an increase in disgruntled passengers, and that TSA officials “"just want to get you through" the lines at the airport. He told Washington Whispers, "We're not going to get in the business of body cavities, that's not where we are.”

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U.S. News opinion columnist Susan Milligan writes that while anger over the new procedures that “include intimate physical contact many of us would not consider until the third date” is understandable, “but many Americans are a bit late, and a bit selective, in their reaction to privacy violations.” [ Read the U.S. News debate: Should the TSA rely on full-body scanners?]

What do you think? Should passengers boycott the full body scans? Take our poll and post your thoughts below.

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