Should the Democrats Become More Progressive?

The GOP electoral sweep has left Democrats debating how they can recover.

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The 2010 Republican electoral sweep has left the party and its allies debating how it can recover. Base activists say that President Obama and his party should be more boldly progressive. But centrist Democrats counsel a more moderate course.
Edited by Robert Schlesinger


Stephanie Taylor
Cofounder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a 600,000-member grassroots group

Democrats lost because they didn't fight strongly enough for popular progressive change—like a public health insurance option and a breakup of the big Wall Street banks that sunk our economy. We commissioned a post-election national poll of those who voted...



Jim Matheson
Democratic U.S. representative from Utah and the Blue Dog Coalition's cochair for communication

Democrats got whupped on November 2, and anyone who says otherwise is on another planet. In House races, Republicans gained over 60 seats—the second-largest net gain in the chamber by either party since World War II. The carnage was especially severe...


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