Should Pelosi Stay On as House Democratic Leader?

But should she stay on as House Democratic Leader?

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Outgoing Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to stay on as leader of her soon-to-be minority caucus, and while her bid has not formally received the endorsement of President Obama yet, this morning he called Pelosi an " outstanding partner." But the extent to which her continued leadership would be embraced by both congressional Republicans and Democrats is unclear. Democrats--who saw their party lose at least 60 House seats in last week's elections--are leery of her staying on as leader, and Republicans' calls to "Fire Pelosi" played a major role in their midterm campaigns. Thomas Jefferson Street blogger Susan Milligan says that while Pelosi may be an easy target for conservatives, she was not the cause behind Democrats' loss at the polls. Pelosi's a " strong and effective leader," she writes. "There are more than 300 pieces of legislation passed by the House awaiting Senate action, and it’s because Pelosi was able to get an extraordinary amount of legislation passed by her chamber." [See where Pelosi gets her campaign money.]

What do you think? Is Nancy Pelosi's bid for House minority leader a good idea? Take our poll and post your thoughts below.

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