Can Sarah Palin Help the Tea Party?

Sarah Palin headlined a rally this morning to drum up support for the Tea Party.

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This morning Reno, Nevada, saw the launch of the "Tea Party Express" bus tour, a coast-to-coast campaign designed to tap into voter discontent in the 2010 midterm elections, unseat Democrats like Harry Reid and moderate Republicans in Congress, and replace them with conservatives committed to "taking our country back." Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin headlined a rally near the Reno airport to give a send-off to the 15-day tour, which is billed as the "Liberty at the Ballot Box" tour, and will stop in Elko and Ely today before heading on to Las Vegas. The strategy is to stop in areas that have the strongest chance of electing Republican Tea Party candidates. Palin appeared on behalf of Sharron Angle, a Tea Party-backed GOP candidate who is in a tight race against Reid, the Senate majority leader who is seeking a fifth term. [See where Reid gets his campaign money.]

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