Should the Chilean Mine's Owners Be Punished?

Families of the rescued Chilean miners have sued the mine's owners for damages.


Late Wednesday night the last of the 33 miners trapped nearly half a mile underground Chile's San Jose mine was pulled to safety in a narrow escape chute. As officials report that some of the miners may be able to leave the hospital today, now the focus has turned to the issue of mine safety and reparations for the families of the workers. Families of 27 of the 33 rescued miners have sued the mine's owners for negligence and compensatory damages, and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has delivered harsh words on the fate of the mine. "[It] will definitely never open again," he said, and the conditions that allowed the accident to occur "will not go unpunished. Those who are responsible will have to assume their responsibility." Pinera fired top regulators after the collapse and a commission was created to investigate the accident and the industry's regulatory agency. In the coming days the president also plans to offer a proposal to allow better protections for Chilean workers. [See photos of the miners' rescue.]

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