Was Christine O'Donnell Smart to Say She's 'Not a Witch'?

The Delaware Senate nominee's first television ad opens with the statement that she isn't a witch.


Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell has released her first television ad, and it opens with a statement that has some political commentators in stitches: "I'm not a witch." Check it out below. The controversial candidate for U.S. Senate has had to deal with countless questions and media speculation regarding her past, after comments she made in the '90s about "dabbling in witchcraft" went viral. While few might suspect that she actually is a witch, the fact that her ad opens with a proclamation that she isn't--and also harps on her belief that she is "nothing you've heard," and "is you"--has left some questioning whether her candidacy is doomed. Thomas Jefferson Street blogger Robert Schlesinger says the ad is just plain creepy, and it also violates a cardinal rule of public debate: Don't repeat an attack against you. "There are always ways to inoculate yourself against or respond to specific charges without trotting them back out," he says.

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