How Much Does Democrats’ Fundraising Help Their 2010 Chances?

A fundraising windfall has buoyed the party's hopes going into the midterm elections.

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The Democratic Party announced today that it had achieved its richest fundraising haul of 2010 and that its core voters are ready to go out and defeat the Republicans in the fall midterm elections. More than $16 million dollars came in during the month of September, the Democratic National Committee announced--the richest tally since the party raked in $13.3 million in March. Much talk and analysis has been devoted to the possibility that Democrats could suffer major losses, including their congressional majority, in the midterms, but DNC Spokesman Brad Woodhouse is citing the fundraising numbers as evidence of "increased energy" surrounding the party. "We've found that our supporters are now focused on the election, are responding to the president's message laying out the choice and understand the stakes," he said. All 435 House seats and 37 of the 100 Senate seats are being contested in the election, which has been largely defined by voter anger over the sluggish economy and high unemployment. Thomas Jefferson Street blogger Susan Milligan says that the GOP is still well-positioned to take back the House, but it is also "possible that Democrats could hang onto a wafer-thin majority, especially if the GOP lacks the cash to compete in scores of gettable congressional districts." [Read more about the 2010 elections.]

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