Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Women in Politics

Author Rebecca Traister discusses the 2008 election’s impact on the role of women in U.S. politics.

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Is Republican and Democratic feminism the same thing?

Feminism, as it has been commonly understood as a sort of liberal social project, has always been intended to benefit all women. Palin and the Mama Grizzlies are all beneficiaries of feminism, and their acknowledgment of that, by the way, is right on. What's not compatible is the future for feminism that Palin and her Republican patrons seem to be pushing. They're talking about the empowerment of women, but they seem to be talking about the empowerment of themselves. They are not pushing policies that are going to further empower other women to move forward. It's not just about reproductive rights; it's about a whole range of labor, healthcare, and economic issues. They're just not on the side that supports things that are good for women.

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