Should Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel Run for Chicago Mayor?

The chief of staff weighs whether to run for mayor of Chicago.

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President Obama may have some rehiring to do: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is likely to announce a decision this week on whether he will run for mayor of Chicago. Emanuel is currently looking for input from family members on whether he should run, and is expected to make a decision on the matter later this week. And if history is any indication, he should play his cards carefully--political success for White House chiefs of staff in years past has proven elusive. Bill Clinton's chief of staff, Erskine Bowles, lost a pair of bids for a U.S. Senate seat from his native North Carolina; Jimmy Carter aide Hamilton Jordan lost a Georgia Democratic primary for the Senate; and presidential bids for former chiefs of staff Alexander Haig (Richard Nixon) and Donald Rumsfeld (Gerald Ford) did not pan out. And Emanuel's Chicago prospects notwithstanding, there is also concern over the impact his departure (senior advisor David Axelrod and others are also rumored to be leaving) might have on Obama's presidency.

What do you think? Should Emanuel leave the White House to run for mayor of Chicago? Take our poll and post your thoughts below.

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