Did Obama's Press Conference Strike the Right Tone?

His press conference on Friday covered everything from Muslims to the economy.

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Today during a wide-ranging news conference at the White House President Obama minced no words on congressional Republicans' efforts to block the administration's measures to improve the sluggish economy, which includes a proposal for more spending on infrastructure projects. Obama didn't avoid using the word "stimulus" either. "No doubt everything we try to do is to stimulate growth and hiring," he said. "Isn't that what I should be doing?" The president also singled out Republicans for standing in the way of his proposed bill to help small businesses. But other issues, such as the status of Middle East peace talks and a Florida pastor's plans this week to burn Korans, were also discussed. In fact, Thomas Jefferson Street blogger Susan Milligan says the press conference did more to achieve conciliation between disparate religions and feuding parties in the Middle East than between Democrats and Republicans in Washington. "What does [that] say about the state of American politics?" she writes.

What do you think? Did the president's conference strike the right tone? Should Obama have focused more on fostering bipartisanship in Congress? Take our poll and post your thoughts below.

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