Is a $50,000 College Tuition Worth It?

Backers say the education is worth the cost while critics decry dollars wasted.


The cost of a liberal arts education keeps rising, with the price tag at some schools now exceeding $50,000 per year. Backers say the sticker price is deceptive and that the education is worth the cost. Critics say students could spend their dollars more wisely. Is a liberal arts education worth that price?
Edited by Robert Schlesinger


Ronald Daniels
President of Johns Hopkins University. Previously he was provost at the University of Pennsylvania.

Not everyone can write a check for the full price of a year at a private college or university. Fortunately, we don't ask everyone to do so. At our best private institutions, if you can't afford the sticker price, you won't pay it. These colleges and universities are deeply committed to bringing the most promising young scholars to campus...


Andrew Hacker
Teaches political science at Queens College and is coauthor, with Claudia Dreifus, of the book 'Higher Education?'

Let me be clear at the start: I strongly support a four-year liberal arts education. But $200,000 over a four-year span? That's what tuition, fees, room, and board are costing at colleges like Ken­yon ($50,400), Reed ($51,850), and Bowdoin ($52,880). It is true that not everyone pays the full sticker figure. But then the posted prices...


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