Jobs and the Big Bush Tax Cut Bamboozle

The GOP either doesn’t get the data or they’re banking on a few small businesses to save the economy.

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In the end, claims that Republicans make to bolster their support for extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich show they either don't understand the data that's available or they're banking on a few super-rich small businesses and many more very wealthy investors to take their tax cuts and trickle the effect down onto the rest of the economy. That's not an efficient method for creating jobs or boosting the lackluster economic recovery—as we experienced during the jobless recovery after the Bush tax cuts were first enacted.

But the Republican plan is an exceedingly efficient way to oblige Americans in the coming decade to pay the cost of borrowing that $830 billion so that the wealthiest Americans can enjoy another tax cut courtesy of the Republican Party. Talk about budget-busting! 

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