Is Trimming the Pentagon's Budget a Good Way to Reduce Spending?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is planning steps to reduce the budget.

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In an effort to rein in Pentagon spending and address the increasing national debt, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Monday that he would close a military command, restrict the use of outside contractors, reduce the number of generals, and take other measures to trim the military. After the announcement, the White House quickly expressed its support for the cost-cutting measures, which Gates did not place a dollar figure on. "The funds saved will help us sustain the current force structure and make needed investments in modernization in a fiscally responsible way," President Obama said in a statement. But some members of Congress are not as approving of the cutbacks. Virginia Democratic Sen. Jim Webb, who is on the Armed Services Committee, vowed in a statement to "carefully examine the justifications for this decision as well as its implications for the greater Norfolk community," the location of the military's Joint Forces Command, which Gates plans to close. [See who supports Webb.] The command employs about 2,800 military and civilian workers supported by 3,000 contractors.

What do you think? Is Gates's plan the right way to rein in spending? Or will it jeopardize the country's war fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? Take our poll and post your thoughts below.

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