Three Key Ways to Drive Job Growth

Public-private sector collaboration is a prerequisite for fixing the economy.


Finally, in addition to driving short-term job creation, let's deal with some of the structural impediments that have hindered job growth over the last decade. High on that list should be addressing our corporate tax system and building out our broadband infrastructure. There is no disagreement that our corporate tax system, which was last revised before the modern telecommunication age, is one of the worst in the world and is serving to make the rest of the world more attractive to U.S. based multinationals. Let's start now in developing a plan to make our tax system and broadband networks the best in the world.

Driving job growth in the immediate and long term will not be easy but is achievable. Our chances of success are certainly enhanced if, rather than fighting yesterday's battles, we partner more effectively in developing strategies that suit the globally competitive world we live in today. Politically and economically-speaking, it's the right thing to do. 

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