Is Major Climate Change Legislation Doomed?

The Senate has abandoned major efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

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Yesterday, a handful of Democrats and Republicans in Congress failed to be swayed by an 18-month effort to charge corporate polluters for releasing carbon dioxide, forcing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to abandon major legislation on reducing carbon emissions. Instead, Reid will scramble to pass a smaller measure, with politically safe provisions, which addresses BP's oil spill, energy efficiency in buildings, and the use of natural gas in trucks. "I had to make a decision. We know we don't have the votes," Reid said. The move will likely leave a national climate bill passed by the House last summer lifeless, and environmental groups and renewable energy coalitions see it as an opportunity slipping away.

What do you think? Is major climate change legislation doomed, or is Reid's compromise a good enough start to get things moving in the right direction? Take our poll and post your thoughts below.

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