Should Soldiers Be Awarded for Not Killing Civilians?

NATO is looking at honoring soldiers who avoid using force that could endanger civilians.

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In an effort to reduce the thousands of numbers of Afghan civilians killed in fighting each year, NATO commanders are exploring a way to recognize soldiers for "courageous restraint" if they avoid using force that could endanger innocent lives, the Associated Press reports. "There should be an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the troops who exhibit extraordinary courage and self-control by not using their weapons," said a statement recently posted on the NATO coalition's website. But some troops, according to the AP, are skeptical that the prospects of an award would change the way they make decisions on the battlefield. "Not a single one of these guys does it for the medals," said Capt. Edward Graham.

What do you think? Do soldiers deserve recognition for not killing civilians? If NATO's proposal comes to fruition, would it make a difference? Take our poll and post your thoughts below.

This poll is now closed, but the debate continues in the comments section.

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