Should Open Carry of Guns Be the Law of the Land?

Proponents say armed, law-abiding citizens improve safety for all. Foes see a deadly risk.

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Proponents say law-abiding citizens have a right to display their protection and that more states should allow it. Foes argue that the proliferation of guns on the streets and in the stores creates a deadly risk. Should open carry be the law of the land?
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John Pierce
Cofounder of with an M.B.A. from George Mason University

The phrase "open carry" refers to the act of law-abiding citizens carrying a properly holstered handgun in plain sight, wherever it is legal to do so, as they go about their daily lives. This includes such mundane tasks as driving to work, walking the dog, grabbing a cup of coffee at Starbucks, or buying a book at Barnes & Noble. Those who choose open carry are just going about their business while armed, just as do the...



Carolyn McCarthy
Seven-term congressional Democrat serving New York's 4th District

There are only three states, Florida, Texas, and Illinois, and the District of Columbia that outright prohibit the open carrying of handguns. Only three! Now, contrary to public perception, I have never been against people owning guns for protection, hunting, or sport. But there are days when I read the newspaper or am watching the news and it seems as if our country is back in the Wild West. Brazenly carrying firearms into...


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