Is Eric Massa the Victim of a Left-Wing Conspiracy?

Ex-congressman’s new claim is a left-wing conspiracy against him.

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The story of New York Democrat Eric Massa's departure from Congress has taken several twists, from his "retirement" over serious health concerns to an admission of groping male staffers to the odd embracing of the fallen representative by conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck to, now, claims that he didn't quit but was forced out by a conspiracy of his own party's leaders over his anti-Obamacare stance. He calls Rahm Emanuel "son of the devil's spawn" and recounts being bullied by the White House chief of staff in a naked confrontation in the congressional gym's showers over a budget vote. Thomas Jefferson Street blogger Robert Schlesinger explains away the support of Limbaugh and Beck as a case of nuttery loves company, guessing the right-wingers will back away soon enough. And the conspiracy theory? "It's on its face nonsensical: Massa quit," Schlesinger writes. "He wasn't forced to resign. He could have stuck it out for as long as he wanted--certainly until the health bill has been decided one way or the other."

What do you think? Is Eric Massa the victim of a left-wing conspiracy? Or did the specter of an ethics investigation spur his departure? Take our poll and weigh in below.

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