Debate: Can Green Energy Spur an Economic Boom in America?

Backers call them a clean economic fix, while critics call them expensive and unsustainable.

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Green jobs are touted by the Obama administration and others as a cure for the economy, a spur to American innovation, and an ecological boon that cannot be shipped overseas. But doubters label them as too expensive to create, unsustainable, and even employment wreckers. Are they the answer?
Edited by Steve St. Angelo


By Jerome Ringo
Former president of the Apollo Alliance, a coalition that promotes clean energy and green jobs

Can green jobs spur an economic recovery? There’s no doubt about it. Just ask the veterans in Denver who once crawled around attics and tight spaces in Iraq and Afghanistan seeking terrorists but now crawl through homes in the United States to track down air leaks and find places that need insulation. After having graduated from a green jobs training program, they are among a new wave of workers who...



Kenneth P. Green
Environmental scientist and a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute

The Obama administration and its congressional allies have been promising to usher in a green economy that will create millions of new green jobs that “can’t be outsourced.” Many of those jobs, we’re told, will come from wind and solar energy development, but other areas are supposed to benefit as well, including the automobile, construction, and ill-defined “green technology” sectors. These claims are nothing new, though they have...


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