Airline Travelers Should Fear Terrorists More Than Full-Body Scanners

The TSA should use the best technology available despite “outrage” over privacy. Remember 9/11?

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An unseemly rush to buy more body scanners will shift resources from the most effective means of countering terrorists: a good offense. Without question, the best security tactic is to stop terrorists before they even enter an airport. Effective counterterrorism operations find and take down plots before they are put in motion. That's how authorities disrupted the 2006 London-based plot to smuggle liquid explosives onto United States-bound flights.

Next best, security needs to funnel suspicious travelers into secondary screening where scanners as well as other technologies and techniques can be used to keep malicious actors off airplanes.

Let's not let security-vs.-liberty diatribes hijack the debate. Keep the focus where it belongs: on how best to fight terrorists. Scanners don't undermine our privacy or freedom. In fact, they help keep terrorists from killing us—the ultimate deprivation of liberty. On the other hand, they are no cure-all for terrorism. They should be used judiciously.

Ready why full-body scanners are a waste of taxpayer dollars and an invasion of privacy, by Kate Hanni of

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