Rep. Joe Barton: BCS Is College Football's Biggest Problem

Playoff system would level the field for all NCAA football teams.

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The one thing that can never be forgotten in this debate is that college football is more than a game; it's a multibillion-dollar industry. That makes it interstate commerce and a legitimate candidate for congressional oversight. And let's not forget that many of the schools getting shut out of the bowl cash bonanza are taxpayer-funded institutions.

The odd thing is that most of those who criticize my bill still bash the BCS, agreeing that it's a flawed system.

In fact, I think you would be hard pressed to find more than a half-dozen people who support the BCS who aren't getting paid by the BCS. When you do talk to one, they will make the same tired argument that a playoff would ruin the current bowl system or cheapen the regular season. Nonsense.

The Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl doesn't have any bearing on the national championship, but it still draws fans from the two schools playing, and those of us who are college football fans still watch on television. This won't change because there is a playoff.

And no matter what playoff format you have, the regular season will still determine the participants. Lose too many games and you're out; win and you're in. The key difference is more teams have a chance at the championship.

The players and the millions of fans who cheer for them each week deserve a fair playoff system. It's time for the backroom wheelers and dealers of the BCS to set up a playoff that is fair and open to all teams. Let's determine the college football champion on the field of play, four downs at a time.

Read why the BCS is a proven winner, by its executive director, Bill Hancock.

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