Health Reform Is No Place for an Abortion Fight

The care of the nation is too important to let false arguments hold the floor.

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Stupak amendment proponents also argue that women could purchase an insurance "rider" covering abortion. But based on precedence, that is highly unlikely. In Oklahoma and North Dakota, for example, where insurance coverage of abortions is restricted by state law, no companies offer "riders" because there is no market for a product based solely on one procedure. A recent report by George Washington University similarly concluded that the effect of the Stupak amendment would "militate against the creation of a supplemental coverage market."

Stupak amendment proponents have made other claims that don't hold water, such as the mythical monthly "abortion fee" levied on everyone in the exchange, but independent observers like correctly labeled this "False." We need to strike a balance on this issue so health reform isn't a casualty of divisive abortion politics. That's what my amendment did, and that's what the Senate bill proposes. Congress would be wise to send the president a bill reflecting this common-ground approach, and I will work hard to see that happens.

Read why the amendment merely maintains the status quo, by Bart Stupak.

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