Harold Evans on Israel's Challenges from the United Nations to the J Street Lobby

What would Israel's critics have the country do?

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Does the J Street lobby think it should have stuck it out to the last Jew? Maybe, but that's easy to say if you are not in Sderot, traumatized by the daily indiscriminant firing of rockets—killing Arabs as well as Jews. Should Israel have built the infamous wall separating it from the West Bank? Maybe not, but if you have lost children, wives, fathers in the years of suicide bombings, you want the state to protect you. Is J Street advocating a one-way pacifism? And might it at least speak out about the way the conflict is seeded for the future by the appalling propaganda in the Palestinian (not Israeli) schools, which teach "kill a Jew" lessons?

Some of the J Street lobbyists echo President Jimmy Carter about Israel being an apartheid state. Have they never heard the Israeli peace activist Ben Pogrund on the subject? He knows the evil of apartheid in a way the theorists never will. He lived and fought it in South Africa as a brave editor before moving to set up the Yakar center in Jerusalem where peace-minded Jews and Arabs meet.

What a difference there might be if the two peoples could make real peace. The Palestinians rid of occupation in a state of their own, prospering with and through the extraordinary innovations of a surging Israel.

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