On Gaza, the UN Targets Israel Again

A new report is the gold standard of moral equivalence between killer and victim.

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Israel made no such response. On the contrary, it took steps rare in the history of warfare to avoid civilian deaths and casualties. The "collateral damage" in fact was less than the NATO allies inflicted during the carefully staged war in the Balkans. No doubt there were civilian deaths, but mostly because Hamas compounded one war crime with another: It held its own people hostage. It used them as human shields. It used every accidental death as another bullet in the propaganda war.

Goldstone admits that his report is not exhaustive. He said he was confined to investigating 36 incidents, and he blames this on Israel's lack of cooperation and its military's intention to regard all Hamas structures as legitimate targets.

But a proportionate response surely had to be nothing less than the destruction of the entire Hamas military establishment, every tunnel for smuggling, every rocket and rocket launcher. This is something that the Israelis did not achieve. They retreated in the face of a "world" public opinion that had forsaken them in their immediate ordeal and had utterly forgotten the context of the Jews' long struggle to survive.

The Goldstone report is the gold standard of moral equivalence between the killer and the victim.

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