Should Joe Wilson Be Punished for Calling Obama a Liar?

Should the GOP legislator be punished for saying that Obama lied during his healthcare speech?


South Carolina GOP Rep. Joe Wilson faces a resolution of disapproval for his outcry during Obama's healthcare speech last Wednesday in which he accused the president of lying about whether his healthcare plan would cover illegal immigrants. Wilson, who made a private phone apology to White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday night, has refused to further apologize and has been seen signing photos of his yelling moment for the public, CNN reported. According to the Washington Post, some who support reprimanding the Republican congressman believe that racism may have played a role in his actions, and he cannot go unpunished. His supporters stand with Wilson, saying his remark brought needed attention to the issue of illegal immigrants in the healthcare debate. House Democrats plan to vote Tuesday on a reprimand of Wilson. What do you think? Should Wilson be punished? Post your thoughts below.

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