Are the SATs a Must for College Admissions?

Or is high school performance just as good an indicator of a student's likely success?


Proponents call standardized test scores a fair, reliable predictor of a student's success in college. Others say that high school records are just as good as SAT scores and that a nuanced admissions process yields a more diverse and academically strong student body. Are the tests necessary?
Edited by Steve St. Angelo


By Gaston Caperton
Ex-governor of West Virginia and president of the College Board, which owns and develops the SAT

Decision-making has been greatly aided in this age of technology by the availability of accurate data. The wise use of data was slow to be adopted in the field of education, but today it has become critical to the decision-making process. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan often talks about how the proper use of critical data sets can measure, monitor, and improve student performance....


By Jill Tiefenthaler
Professor of economics and provost of North Carolina's Wake Forest University since 2007

The accepted framework for college admissions is showing rust at the joints and no longer supports the right parts of the educational enterprise. It is time to rethink college admissions, and particularly the role of standardized testing. With only marginal predictive value for performance in college, standardized scores do nothing to suggest what a student might contribute to the character and vitality of an intellectual community....


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