Is a Second Stimulus Package on the Way?

Do we really need another, and how would it help?

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Writes Felix Salmon in opposition to more stimulus: "The stimulus has not done as well as people thought it would. This is a useful datapoint—and one way of looking at it is to conclude that the stimulus was so big that the last few hundred billion dollars have had virtually no positive effect at all. And that any extra stimulus would similarly achieve very little." Others, however, like Brad DeLong, think such naysaying is not very smart: "To say that what happened in the second quarter means that 'the last few hundred billion dollars have had virtually no effect' is like sticking your toe into the ocean and pointing out that your hair is still dry..." With Republicans already forming a line against a second stimulus, do you think a second stimulus package is in the cards? If so, would it help the U.S. economy? Post your thoughts.

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