Is Pelosi Right: Should Congress Investigate the CIA?

House Democrats are seeking an investigation into claims that the agency lied to Congress

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Reports Queenie Wong: "Democrats on the House Intelligence panel are calling for a full-scale investigation into allegations that the Central Intelligence Agency misled Congress multiple times over the past eight years." It seems that signs of a spy scandal are brewing all over the place. Others, mostly conservatives, however, see these charges as silly attempts to harm the nation's intelligence community. Writes Jennifer Rubin: "There was at one point a faint hope that with majority power would come greater maturity and more responsible behavior from liberals in Congress regarding matters of national security. That change for the better has yet to materialize." Should Congress investigate the Central Intelligence Agency? If so, in what way would the investigation harm the CIA? Would it vindicate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's claim that the CIA lied to Congress? Post your thoughts.

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