Jenny Sanford for South Carolina Governor--Women Pols Have Fewer Sex Scandals

If you want leaders for whom the people not power comes first, women are the best bet.

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Governor Sanford's exploits provide at least one strong argument for electing more women, but there are many more reasons to include 52 percent of the population in leading our nation. Women's experience, expectations, and lives are just ... different. Currently, seven women serve as governor (and it will be six after Palin leaves office later this month), down from a record high of nine in 2007. Several very qualified women are eyeing gubernatorial seats in the 2010 election cycle in states like New Mexico and Florida. Let's give them the chance to perform.

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  • Christine Jahnke is the president of Positive Communications (, which has provided public speaking and message training for hundreds of women candidates across the nation. She is completing a book that profiles exemplary women political leaders.