EPA Climate Change Ruling Would be a Stimulus for Lawyers--And No One Else

Calling greenhouse gases a danger to public will launch a tsunami of litigation.


As one federal judge prudently wrote in dismissing California's climate change lawsuit against auto manufacturers, "injecting [this court] into the global warming thicket at this juncture would require an initial policy determination of the type reserved for the political branches of government."

EPA's regulation of greenhouse gas emissions under the antiquated Clean Air Act would create, as Representative Dingell put it, "a glorious mess." Add to that the disparate patchwork of court decisions and jury verdicts that would emerge from years of EPA-inspired greenhouse gas litigation, and you have a recipe for stagnating commerce.

There would, however, be a hiring boom in the litigation industry. Are these some of the "green jobs" we've all been hearing about?

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  • Corrected on : Glenn G. Lammi is chief counsel to Washington Legal Foundation's Legal Studies Division.