Judging Obama's Speech to the Muslim World, Sotomayor, and Gordon Brown

Bloggers on Obama, the Muslim world, Gordon Brown, and why conservatives are afraid of bugs.

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Obama Watch

It's been over a day now since Obama delivered his speech to the Muslim world, and while bloggers' impressions of the address are setting in, Obama's been keeping a tight schedule. Katie Connolly notes that German Chancellor Angela Merkel thinks working with Obama is fun. Michael Scherer thinks the controversy that Obama's stop in Dresden—and not Berlin—is a snub at Merkel is total bull. Johanna Neuman covers Obama's tour of Buchenwald concentration camp. Now, to bloggers' thoughts on yesterday's speech: Let's start with liberal Derek Flood, who thinks that Obama is cozying up to authoritarian Arab governments, strengthening al Qaeda's raison d'etre. One blogger absolutely feels that Obama "assuaged the fears of many Muslims who question the intentions of the United States." Conservative E Pluribus Unum is almost comically unhappy with Obama. He rounds up posts from the Islamic press that paint Obama's speech negatively: "Don't expect America's government-controlled media to report this, but here's some excerpts of what they're saying in the Islamic world, courtesy of South Africa's Mail & Guardian." Robert Stein was parsing Obama's words when he realized that "the words were less exceptional than the act, an American leader presenting himself as both the product of and the bridge between two seemingly irreconcilable cultures." Stephen M. Walt is worried: "After a day's reflection, my biggest concern is that the Cairo speech has really raised the stakes." And liberals James Zogby and Michael Wolff are overjoyed.

Judging Sotomayor

In what's possibly the most important piece of the day: Here's how the robes of Supreme Court justices get made. Liberal Greg Sargent notes that polls show Sotomayor is viewed favorably by the public. Conservative Rich Lowry finds another quote showing Sotomayor's belief in gender-influenced judging. Dan Amira reacts: "Sotomayor's supporters will likely point out that the context in which her words were spoken still matters—and just because she used the same line multiple times doesn't make her any more 'racist' than she was yesterday. A little lazy maybe, but not racist." Chris Good analyzes Newt Gingrich's attempts to walk back his criticism of Sotomayor. Check out Gingrich's own op-ed here. Conservative Jennifer Rubin thinks Sotomayor just doesn't have any more excuses left. Andrew Sullivan points us to Sotomayor's actual record (spoiler: it's just a little bit conservative). And Ed Whelan thinks that Sotomayor's support for Obama compromises her judicial obligation to impartiality.

Brown Goes Down?

"It's train wreck day for Gordon Brown," writes conservative Ian Murray on the British PM. From the AP: "Brown has been badly stung by a scandal over British lawmakers' expenses, a string of top-level resignations and catastrophic results expected in local elections." Ted R. Bromund is plain old surprised about the elections. He writes: "The expenses scandal symbolizes the obvious failure of the political class to live up to ideals that have been thoroughly abused, but which still command public respect." An even better explanation by Bromund is available here. While we're talking about Brown, Warner Todd Huston wants to remind you that Obama snubbed Brown not too long ago (warning: Huston gets clever and dirty with acronyms). And conservative Tim Montgomerie makes this prediction: "It seems likely that Gordon Brown's resignation as British prime minister is imminent."


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