The Obama Doctrine: Turning Missile Defense into Collective Security

John F. Kennedy did it with the moon. Let's see Obama create a missile defense shield that works.

Some will still say that missile defense won't work. To which we can respond, nothing works until it is made to work. And over time, anti-aircraft defenses have proven effective, especially when developed by technologically superior countries. Fortunately, that's us—we're the ones with the edge. And so on to the next challenge: missile defense.President Obama has the opportunity to make a clean break with the failures of the past. Those failures have left America, and its allies, in more danger than ever—a proliferating peril, taking us ever closer to nuclear midnight. Yet if America would take the lead, dozens of peace-loving countries would follow, and a new system of worldwide defense would emerge. And nobody is better equipped to state the argument, speaking to the civilized world in ringing Kennedy-esque terms, than Barack Obama. If JFK could inspire Americans to go the moon, Obama could inspire the world to defend itself against rogue nukes.  In the past, such a system was called "collective security." In the 21st century, it could become known as The Obama Doctrine.Check out our political cartoons .Become a political insider: Subscribe to U.S. News Weekly, our new digital magazine .