Pelosi, Steele in the Spotlight, Obama Talks Emissions

Bloggers on Pelosi, the CIA, Obama, emissions, Michael Steele, and Hello Kitty.

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Nancy Pelosi

More controversy surrounding Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi today. Karen Tumulty wonders if Pelosi isn't lying, and neither is the CIA, chalking the confusion up to casual misstatements and misunderstandings between career government employees and the elected members of Congress. Liberal Bonnie Erbe thinks that criticism of Pelosi now verges on sexism. House Minority Leader John Boehner demands either more evidence or an apology from Pelosi. Pelosi's words are a serious matter, he writes: "The woman who is third in line to the presidency is accusing career intelligence professionals of lying to the Congress of the United States." Conservative Mark Impomeni thinks Obama wants Pelosi to fail: "Pelosi must surely be wondering why a president of her own party is allowing the release of information that will make her look bad in the press." Citing Obama's words during an event from earlier today, Mark Halperin demonstrates otherwise. Greg Sargent suggests there's something the CIA's not telling us, and Panetta should be scrutinized as much as Pelosi. Christmas came early for the House Republican Conference (video), and bloggers all over are realizing it. David Kurtz is all over the smoke and mirrors.

Man of Steele?

Michael Steele spoke to the Republican National Committee State Chairmen today, delivering a relatively uneventful speech that's giving bloggers a chance to repeat their dour thoughts on the future on the GOP. In that light, let's (re-)hear what everyone thinks. Patrick Appel writes: "Steele doesn't discuss his 'solutions that are relevant to this age.' Instead we get the same boilerplate and a few allusions to Reagan." Liberal Amanda Terkel notes that even Fox News is questioning Steele's reign atop the GOP. Charles D. Ellison reacts skeptically to the GOP's so-called new direction. "It's actually been a pretty good week for Steele," writes Marc Ambinder. "...Plainly, Steele's biggest hurdle has been his inability to figure out his place in the universe." Conservative blogger Doctor Zero isn't any more hopeful: "We're stuck with the Republicans as a political vehicle, like it or not. Several groups with profound disagreements are crammed into that vehicle, and everyone wants to be driving it when it makes its big comeback."


Everybody's talking emissions, in one form of the other, partly due to President Obama's proposal today to limit emissions on cars and trucks. Dan Amira rounds up reactions to Obama's plan here. Pollster Gary Langer thinks the costs of Obama's proposals are more than the public is willing to pay. Conservative Nick Loris argues that environmental regulation hurts the poor. Ronald Bailey is against cap-and-trade for other reasons. And this AP piece from Greg Keller kicks off with a great lead: "Charge your iPod, kill a polar bear?"

... Meanwhile ...

The Obama speechwriter nobody knows about... Bill Clinton takes a new job for a measly $1 a year... Plus, who brings a Hello Kitty poster to their own speech in Congress? Watch this and find out.

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