Gen. McKiernan Fired, Miss California Keeps Her Title, and Charlie Crist to Run for Senate

Bloggers on Charlie Crist, Gen. McKiernan, Carrie Prejean, and proof that the media's dumb (finally!).

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Crist for Senate

Amanda Ruggeri reports that "Charlie Crist, the highly popular governor of Florida, has said that he'll run for the Senate next year." Peter Abel wouldn't bet against him. Johanna Neuman explains why. The view from the left: "On one side, what's left of the traditional Republican Party, knowing that Crist is their best shot to retain the seat in a general election, and on the other, the Rush Limbaugh wing of the GOPosaur, screaming about the RINO who kissed up to the Socialist, Fascist, closet-Muslim, pretender-in-chief." Dan McLaughlin, giving us the dissenting view from the right, counts "the ways in which Crist's decision is bad for the Florida GOP and the national party." Turns out the National Republican Senatorial Committee already endorsed Christ, which some say was premature. Others think the endorsement is just plain inexplicable.

McKiernan, You're Fired

Everybody's talking about yesterday's firing of Gen. David McKiernan, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, who will be replaced by Lt. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal. Fred Kaplan writes: "This is a very big deal." Kaplan explains why. Liberal Steve Benen discusses why the move is so controversial, adding his stamp of approval: "The period of muddling through in Afghanistan appears to be over." Joe Klein is more hesitant. Andrew Sullivan thinks the firing is a sign that "Obama is beginning to own the war in Afghanistan." Andrew Exum is breathless (but invigorated): "This tells me that President Obama, Secretary Gates, and Gen. Petraeus are as serious as a heart attack about a shift in strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This was ruthless... Game on." Marc Ambinder gives the super-secret background on McKiernan's replacement.

Miss California, You're Not Fired

Leaked pictures of celebrity breasts, Donald Trump, the gay marriage debate, throw in a beauty pageant and Perez Hilton and you get ... a distraction. Which is exactly what today's press conference on whether Carrie Prejean would keep her Miss California title was about. This, however, is not to say that bloggers couldn't salvage some serious news out of the story. Conservatives Kathryn Jean Lopez and Seth Leibsohn defend Prejean for taking a principled stand against gay marriage in so very harsh a public arena. Paula M. Cooey sees hypocrisy in Prejean's boob job. And conservative Allahpundit has these words of wisdom for future pageant organizers: "If you don't want your spokeswomen swept up in political controversies, don't ask them questions about divisive political issues. End of story."


Finally, proof that the media's stupid (and all it took was a 22 year-old student in Dublin)... Nigeria gets it's very own "Flavor of Love"... Obama's coming address to the Muslim world... Plus: John Yoo, the columnist?