Nancy Pelosi and Torture, Bank Stress Test Spin, Gay Rights, and Captain Kirk

Speaker called out on denial she knew of waterboarding, plus gay rights and Captain Kirk.

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What Did She Know and When?

RedState's Moe Lane calls out Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her denial that she was briefed on the use of waterboarding: "Everything that we said about you and your motivations? We know that it was all true, all along; you know that we know; and you'll never be able to somehow make that knowledge go away." Pelosi's response: Check your facts. That's not good enough for Republican Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan, who'd like a congressional hearing to check Pelosi's facts, reports the Hill.

Market Madness

New unemployment figures ... and new spin. Political Animal's Steve Benen is really rolling his eyes over Ohio Republican John Boehner's take. Alan Schram over at the Huffington Post is very dubious about the goals and logic of Timothy Geithner's bank stress test, though he allows as how it's probably more important how the markets feel: "Fortunately, the markets seem to believe the stress tests. If the economic data continues to be positive, this may prove to be a brilliant move by the Treasury." If not, well, kablooey. The stress test—and Geithner's response to it—did nothing to calm Jim Geraghty's nerves over at the Campaign Spot. Should we be looking east, like Far East, for a history lesson on banks? Matthew Yglesias thinks yes.

Call Off the Dogs

At Hot Air, Doctor Zero speaks in defense of non-gay marriage and against the persecution of Carrie Prejean, who's having a bad hair day, PR-wise. Mercy: John Farrell of Thomas Jefferson Street calls a timeout from condemnation, even for gay rights hypocrites. Colleague Bonnie Erbe says the pressure's on President Obama to get off the fence on the gay rights issue.


The Fix's Chris Cillizza updates his list of 10 "Republicans with the most influence over the current direction of the party." No plumbers made the list. Sarah Palin's No. 2. Must have been before those new poll numbers arrived. Shannyn Moore thinks Palin's got some kissing up to do with her constituency: "Alaskans are starting to get it. Palin's job approval numbers have dropped consistently since she came back from the Hate Talk Express tour. Neglect doesn't play well here." ... "Democrat" Arlen Specter has fence mending to do at home as well, reports Robert Schlesinger. Ooh: "Reagan Worship Vs. Kennedy Worship." Thanks to James Pinkerton, we know which side Capt. James T. Kirk would choose. ... And this is fun: a history of New York City riots.

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