More Guns, Less Violent Crime as the Bad Guys Run or Die

More guns, less crime: Thanks to the Founding Fathers, we're as safe as in our mothers' arms.

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I like the U.S. Constitution and our sacred Bill of Rights but, quite frankly, I don't really need them in order to know in my heart and soul the list of self-evident truths therein. Those came from thinking, common-sense men who refused to be helpless, dependent slaves to anyone or anything. These truths are all burned forever on my soul. I live them, no matter what.

Meanwhile, in order to stop the drowning and murders, I will work on banning water; Obama can try to ban guns. Good luck.

Rocker, outdoorsman, and radio and TV personality Ted Nugent is the author of Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto.