Obama-Clinton Human Rights Bid Faces Anti-Israel Bias at U.N. Agency

Can Obama's new gambit fix what's wrong with the human rights council?

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The New York Time s—a staunch critic of the Bush administration—agreed with criticism of the "new" CHR. Its editorial—"The Shame of the United Nations"—chided "leading international human rights groups [that] have unwisely put their preference for multilateral consensus ahead of their duty to fight for the strongest possible human rights protection."

Today, the Human Rights Council—far from realizing Eleanor Roosevelt's hopes—sounds like the lyrics of the rock group The Who: "Meet the new boss/Same as the old boss." Will the new U.S. re-engagement with the U.N. actually succeed in giving voice to Darfurian rape victims, displaced Zimbabwean farmers, and exiled Tibetan monks? In a world where so much about human rights has gone so wrong, that's the only measure of change that truly counts.

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