Should Michael Phelps Have Apologized for Using Pot?

The Olympian apologizes for smoking marijuana.


"I know with all of the mistakes I made, I learned from them and that is what I expect to do from this. By no means it is fun for me, by no means is it easy," Michael Phelps told the Associated Press yesterday. Phelps was referring to the photo of him smoking marijuana from a bong, and the incidents that have followed its publication in a UK tabloid. Meanwhile, South Carolina authorities are gathering evidence against Phelps, raising the possibility that he might face charges. Some in the media have come to the swimmer's defense, while others, like our very own Mary Kate Cary, feel that Phelps's actions and the actions of those who have come to his defense are shameful and disappointing. Should Michael Phelps have apologized for smoking marijuana? Should he be penalized for doing so? Post your thoughts.

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