Where Would the U.S. Be Without the Bush Presidency?

A majority of Americans think the U.S. "lost ground" under Bush. What would have happened without him?

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The administration's attempts to place an optimistic spin on Bush's legacy culminated last night with Bush's farewell address to the nation—the White House team even put together this booklet of "Accomplishments and Results" of the Bush presidency. But with the national debt having doubled since Bush took office and a huge economic stimulus package amounting to less than the $860 billion total cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's no wonder that Bush is the second least liked president to leave office since World War II. With 69 percent of Americans saying the country has "lost ground" under Bush's presidency, do you think the United States would be better off if Bush hadn't been president? What do you think would have happened if he'd lost the 2000 election against Gore or the 2004 election against Kerry? Post your thoughts.

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